Friday, January 21, 2011

Scrounging: refrigerator door

When I moved aboard Eolian, the refrigerator was a mess.  Rebuilding it was something that was absolutely required, but definitely doesn't qualify as a small boat project.

But replacing the door on the refrigerator does.  The old door was a corroded aluminum frame with a thin piece of unfinished (and therefore mottled and dirty) teak plywood in it.  But I found the door you see above at a local chandler here in Seattle - for $10 - it was an exact replacement.  It didn't look like this then - tho it was new, the finish panel had been damaged in shipping or handling, and the retailer was just trying to get rid of it.  I bought it, and for a few dollars more had a piece of black Plexiglas cut to fit where the trim panel goes.  I think it is a perfect complement to the black glass oven/stove, don't you?

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