Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Cardboardeaux Trash Compactor!

Every boat has a limiting capacity of something...  water, fuel, provisions stowage, black water, etc.  What is it that makes you tie up to a dock?  Aboard Eolian, the first thing we seem to run out of is stowage for trash.  With that in mind,  please welcome new contributors Jonathan and Sarah who live aboard their Baba 35, s/v Odyssey.  They have a wonderful solution for the trash/garbage stowage problem:
Take one empty wine box, open top, extract empty bag, fold flaps down, insert produce bag or similar size, and secure with rubber band.  I cut a piece of a foam meat tray to make a lid/pusher, and it's all set.  You will be amazed how much trash can be pressed down into this cube!  When its full, twist the bag closed, tape the cardboard shut and it can easily be stored till you get to a dock.  For super recycling, the box can be opened up and the trash block removed and the cardboard recycled too.


  1. I really like this blog, thanks so much for making it.

  2. That is a really great idea - I love it.


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