Monday, January 10, 2011

"Overnight" shipping

Here on the end of G Dock at Shilshole, we are having real problems with our normal wireless internet provider.

Faithful as I am, and inertia being what it is, I have well over-stayed with this provider.  So, last Monday I signed up with ClearWire (I suspect they are in your city too).  Part of the "good deal" I got was free overnight shipping.

Well here it is an entire week from the overnight shipping date, and I still do not have my ClearWire usb modem.  I failed to ask "Which night?"

So my small boat project for the day has been trying to establish an internet connection with my old provider that holds up long enough to get this post off. 

This is not making me a happy camper.  I think I'll open a beer and get out my guitar.

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