Monday, January 17, 2011

Directing the flow

Last post I talked about creating air circulation around Eolian's Dickenson heater.  But I kind of glossed over one pretty important issue. 

The air rising off of the heater strongly wants to go up.  In order to get it to go out, and in order to get some air flow down behind the heater to reduce the heat load on the bulkhead, careful redirection of the air flow is required.

It just so happened that an old metal grate located above the Dickenson was equipped with some very nice movable vanes, both vertical and horizontal.  This was perfect for engineering the air flow.  But it was ugly.

So, in another beautification effort around the heater, I built a teak bezel to cover its frame.  This was a little tricky because I had to route out a lot of the thickness of the bezel in order to accommodate the grate frame.

I think it came out OK, and most importantly it allows me redirect the air flow as necessary.

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