Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finishing the job

I don't know who installed the Dickenson heater on Eolian

Where the stack penetrates the cabin deiling, it is necessary to provide space around the stack, which gets very hot, to prevent there being a fire hazard.  On the actual fiberglass surface the exterior penetration fitting provides this space. 

On the inside, however, Dickenson apparently supplied only a vented trim ring.  Because the stack is too close to the bulkhead, the installer had to trim a little of the trim ring off to get it into position.  And it was necessary to cut away the headliner so that it would not touch the stack.  But that is where he stopped.

I glued some spacer blocks made from scrap to the bottom of the fiberglass deck surface using Gorilla glue (this is the best gap-filling glue there is!).  These spacers were made to be the same thickness as the spacing between the headliner material and the underside of the fiberglass deck. 

Then I made a three-sided bezel out of teak, large enough to provide the necessary air gap, and large enough to provide a surface for the vented trim ring to screw to.  I drilled it and mounted it to the spacers using screws, trapping the headliner material between the spacer and the bezel.  Then I bunged the screws and varnished the teak.  

Looks a lot better, doesn't it?

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