Sunday, May 2, 2010

Helping hands

Have you ever used a WorkMate®? You know, those handy clamp-anything-and-hold-it-while-you-work-on-it devices? They are a good answer for boat projects, but because their design inherits from the saw horse, they are really only suitable for use on the dock. For work on board, at anchor, a different solution is needed. Look at the adaptation Mike & Rebecca of s/v Katana have come up with:
In some ships, which are much larger than ours, an entire area might be dedicated to a shop. On our boat most work of the construction variety will be done on deck or in the cockpit. This cut-down (folding legs were replaced with shaped 2×4s, padded with carpet) cheapy copy of a Workmate has earned its weight in gold. Best of all, it was free. Thanks Lyndsay!

What a great solution! Cruisers are such creative people.

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