Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Need a pilot?

Steve at s/v Siempre Sabado. offers this tool tip: " If you ever come across this tool while you're out and about, buy it."
It's a pilot hole maker by Stanley. I've never seen another one and don't remember where I bought this one. It rode in our camper toolbox for years. If you've got the right size screw and the wood isn't too hard, you can make threaded pilot holes with this little gem a lot quicker, and with less mess, than you can pull out your cordless drill. And it can get you into some spots that the drill won't fit.

Steve & Lulu Yoder
S/V Siempre Sabado

He who dies with the most tools, wins.


  1. Sad to say, I broke the tip off this tool a few days ago and have never seen another one in stores. Maybe I can find one on the internet. -Steve

  2. If you do Steve, please let us know where...


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