Monday, May 10, 2010

Nobody likes lost beer

This project is from s/v Siempre Sabado. Organization in the refrigerator is something that we badly need on Eolian. Perhaps this will help (originally posted to the Westsail Owners' Association's discussion board):

Our problem was that loose beer cans in the reefer kept rolling around, getting under stuff and generally making themselves hard to find and difficult to retrieve or count. So one morning I woke up with what seemed like a brilliant solution. And, for once, it actually worked just as planned.

The under-seat icebox on the W28 can be converted to a reefer and thus gain a huge amount of storage since there's no longer a need for ice. Once the teak grate is taken off the bottom of the ice side (and used as a vertical divider instead), the side that once held ice is deep enough to store three 6-packs on top of each other. But, once the plastic leash is removed from the 6-packs, or you buy your beer in the much more affordable 30-can box, there's nothing to keep those cans stacked. At the slightest provocation, the stack will fall over and you're back with a mess in the fridge.

So, take yourself some galvanized hardware cloth (I used 1/2" mesh) and a bunch of wire ties and make a custom-sized box. Leave the ends of the ties long so they don't present a bunch of sharp edges. Just weave them into the hardware cloth and voila:

Steve & Lulu Yoder
S/V Siempre Sabado

Beats buying something ill-fitting from some box store all to heck (please note that hardware cloth is typically galvanized - it won't rust).

Lost beer is a tragedy. Do your part to prevent it.


  1. This may just be the most valuable tip so far! Beer needs to be easily accessible.

  2. Mike: Amen! Beer is one of the essential boating fluids.

  3. I like! We've had some success with dry bags:


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