Monday, May 31, 2010

Storm Windows

This project is an excerpt from a larger article at Sail Delmarva, originally published on March 7, 2010. You may think that this is off season for this subject, but
  • It isn't off season here in Seattle
  • You need to get ready for next winter sometime
  • It'll help with air conditioning too.
It was COLD this winter and I slept on the boat a good number of nights. You need to look closely at the picture to see the reflection, the only clear evidence. They are simple: 1/8-inch acrylic cut with a plastic cutter, trimmed to size on a bench grinder, and some are fitted with fabric loops to facilitate removal (the larger ones in the cabins and next to the salon door). They fit in the bug screen groove and help just a little with the cold. Cost - $8.00 for a handful of ugly thrift store posters - I threw the posters away.

I especially like the source of the acrylic that Drew used. And I am impressed with the idea of replacing bug screens with a piece of acrylic - this is an idea that will work with the Beckson ports on Eolian too.

1 comment:

  1. Honestly, this helped more with condensation on the cold metal frame than with heat. A small, cold drip would find me every 15 minutes, just as I would drift off to sleep....


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