Friday, April 30, 2010

Cockpit Table Stowage

Eolian is set up for a table in the cockpit. But it is not one of those fancy folding ones. Instead, Eolian's table is a single piece of teak that installs over the compass binnacle.

But where to store this when it is not in use? That was a question that was not well answered by the Previous Owner, and one that this Small Project was chartered to address.

It really was a small project - it only required fabricating 4 tiny pieces of teak. But first, where to store the table? After some study, under the companionway stairs seemed to be the best location. There was room there; it was convenient to the cockpit; and it was currently unused space.

The table top is supported vertically against the bulkhead.

It sits on two small teak cleats, about 1½" x 3", routed out to accept the fiddle on the edge of the table top. The teak is varnished of course, and small pieces of non-skid foam serve as cushions.

The table is retained in position by an L-shaped upper cleat. One leg of the L holds it away from the bulkhead, and the other serves to keep it from jumping upwards in a seaway. A swinging toggle keeps it in place.

And that's it. Small indeed.


  1. We need to build or buy a cockpit table. I haven't even begun to look into it yet other than to stare at the space while I'm sitting in the cockpit and imagine what we need. I think I just need a good source for teak.

  2. Joking aside, one of the best sources for teak that I have found is the dumpster at the marina. But, well, if you are looking for a particular size/shape...


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