Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easy and cheap storage

Project from s/v Katana, April, 2010.

The quest to find easy-to-access storage for the huge amount of live-aboard paraphernalia is never-ending. When you find a way to do it that is both good AND CHEAP it is like stumbling across the holy grail. And so it is with our dollar-store shoe racks. Last October I wrote about how we had used a cut down shoe rack in our galley to store produce. [And look at the arrangement used to hang the bananas! -Ed]

We used the other parts of that particular shoe rack in our berth.

The other day we purchased another shoe rack, for the grand total of 2 bucks (the Dollar Store rocks!). Half of it now lives in the head and the other resides just inside our main salon door. Cheap, easy to set up and effective.

Little L-brackets from Rona are what we used to fasten the racks to the walls.

Thanks to Drew for the inspiration for that last location and also to Terry for doing that bit of sewing for us. We ordered our own sewing machine yesterday so we won’t have to borrow his anymore!

This post originally appeared at Zero to Cruising. Copyright 2010


  1. I LOVE the shoe storage bag idea. We will soon be living aboard and then cruising next year with two kids so I'm trying to get as many creative ideas for storage before we make the move. I've been collecting ideas on my own and was so pleased to come across your blog. When I get a chance I'll pass on some other ideas I've scoured from different places online.

  2. I'll pass your comment on to Mike and Rebecca - I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

    I'd love to have those ideas! Send 'em in! Send 'em in!


  3. Have you seen this guy's site (s/v Stella Blue)? He has a similar idea:

  4. Thanks for the tip - I'll check it out!



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