Monday, October 31, 2011

Easy cockpit table

Please welcome new contributor Brian over at Dock 6! Brian has a good list of small boat projects, one of which we will pick up today:
My first foray was a cockpit table.  I needed a cockpit table. Well, I, personally, didn't need a cockpit table, but SWMBO did, and I need a warm place to sleep, so you can see how the stars aligned on this one. I sussed out commercially available, marine priced cockpit tables and promptly gagged. So, I thought to myself, "Self, you could make it yourself for a lot less." One problem. Well, four actually.
  1. I have limited woodworking skills,
  2. limited woodworking tools,
  3. and limited time. oh yeah, and
  4. I am cheap.
So, I went to plan "c".

I spent some time eyeballing the cockpit in question:

Then I moseyed into action. I bought one of these for $29.99

A frenzy of measuring, remeasuring, cutting, screwing, drinking, varnishing, etc. later, and this is how it finished up:

As an added unplanned bonus, the table is reversible-  install it aft of the wheel while Dockside for easy companionway access, mount it ahead of the binnacle while underway.  When not in use, it simply stows under the salon table below.

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