Monday, October 10, 2011

Chop chop!

Kitchen appliances that use 110V (or 220V for you Europeans) are problematic on most boats. And there frequently are not 12V versions. Sometimes the best answer is the 0V equivalent: a manual appliance. Lotte on s/v Lunde presents one here for our consideration:

I have for several years on land been very happy to have a hand blender.  I blended very little with it, but chopped rather a lot.  Lots and lots of onions.  Garlic.  Nuts.  Parsley.  Everything is smoked in the chopper, and I have therefore looked for a replacement for it.  Not because it is dying, but because of course it requires 220V and on the boat we have 12V.  Best of all, it would be if you could find one which did not use electricity because it can at times a limited resource - despite the solar and wind.  Other things have a much higher priority in current accounts than just a kitchen appliance which really could easily be replaced by a knife (it's just much easier to use a hack! Especially in a seaway.).

The answer to my prayers was a manual food processor, a VeggiChop from Chef'n . And it really IS the answer.

It is powered with a pull ring like a few salad slings do.

I've now tested it with onions, garlic, ginger and various spices, and it is something close to phenomenal!

Five jerks on the leash and onions are ready.

If one goes on and pulls fifteen-twenty times, then you have something similar to puree.  Wow!

[Editor's note: These can also be found at the American version of Amazon]
[Editor's second note: Apologies for my poor editing of Google Translate's translation from the original Danish.]

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  1. We've had one of these little gems on Siempre Sabado for a couple of years and truly love it. Makes salsa that's chopped just right without being reduced to mush.



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