Monday, March 7, 2011

Stove Top Recondition

Paul of s/v Solace has a tip for us today on renewing the appearance of his stove top:

The stove top plates on our Force 10 stove, have, over the years become rusty and leave the rust on top of the stainless stove. Unable to get replacements, I ground all remaining paint off and buffed the rust off; then using a paint designed for heat (fire boxes and chimneys ) I repainted the plates and then following the instructions, baked the item for an hour at 250 degrees C. This will initially give off fumes. Best done in an old oven outside or the BBQ. It seems after a couple of months use, it has worked; and I have a spare can in case we need to re-address the issue in a year or so.
If you cannot find the particular paint that Paul used, you might try paint designed for use on automotive exhaust manifolds.


  1. This kind of paint is available at Advanced auto parts stores. Possibly also at Napa auto parts.*-49997537&partType=&facetFields=mfrName_exact%2Cclearance%2Csale%2C&beginIndex=0&filterValue=part_type%3A%22Tools+and+Garage*Paint+and+Body+Repair*Paint+-+High+Heat%22%7CTools+and+Garage*Paint+and+Body+Repair*Paint+-+High+Heat&sortBy=0&pageSize=20&priceZoneZip_22987254=enter+zip+code&filters=part_type%3ATools+and+Garage*Paint+and+Body+Repair*Paint+-+High+Heat&selectedPartNumber=&qty=1&ship2HomeClicked=

    look for VHT paint.

  2. Trisailing -

    Thanks for the tip


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