Friday, March 18, 2011

Make it easy on yourself

Paul of s/v Solace shows us how a little effort, invested once, will save lots of effort, many times in the future.
Having an oil filter in a very difficult position can make changing the oil very frustrating.  So it was decided to put a remote oil filter  in a place that will make the chore so much nicer.  You can see the location of the old filter here.  The filter is white and located way down in the bilge and behind an engine mount.

Very difficult to get out and had to be removed in heavy duty plastic bags to feed under the engine.

Components were gathered together and a mount made for the filter end. This I installed behind a door near the secondary fuel filter.

Removing the old filter then allowed me to install the adapter plate to the oil filter mount (where the old filter use to sit) and route the hoses.  Special spanners were required to do up the the hoses (Crows feet spanners).

Filled up the new filter with oil and connected the hoses and filter.
You can see the ease now of replacing the oil filter.

Hoses and adapter plate

Finished solution
New bracket made for oil filter
Oil filter adapter plates should be available for many, if not most, marine engines. Some may also come with the mounting bracket.


  1. I wish they made one for ours (Volvo MD2030D) :(

  2. well, could you explain me, it needs two adapters? one for filter and the other for engine joit togheter with hoses?

  3. Livia -


    Mario -

    Yes, typically this is sold as a kit consisting of an adapter plate which screws onto the engine in place of the oil filter, a plate which will accept the oil filter, and the two hoses to connect them


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