Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One time good deal, for the next 20 minutes

From s/v Letitgo we have another great idea - how to construct a water filtration system that you can carry with you for use away from your dock...  and a one-time-only good deal!

We picked up that idea from somewhere along our learning curve while reading.  Basically it is a really good idea to  filter the water before it gets into your tank.

Two major reasons, we are looking forward to be able to drink from the tap and you can’t have any chlorine in the tank to back flush the water maker.  So why not try to get into the practice right away, after cleaning your tank this spring.  We hope to start from fresh and not have any bad taste in the future.

A little research and we came with the solution, double filtrations one for residue 5 microns, and one carbon for the rest.  As usual Google (my friend), I found the best price on the net.
  • 2 x Pentek 158643 3/8″ 3G Slim Line 10″ Clear Housing  @  $18.50
  • 3 x Pentek PS5-10C Smooth Core Filter Cartridge  @  $1.60
  • 3 x Ametek, US Filter C-1, American Plumber W5CIP  @  $6.10

Add to this a chopping board a few coupling, a valve, tubing and attachment devices from your favourite local hardware store.  You are in business for 1 hour of assembling and fun.  Now if you contact me, I will build you a Marine version at the minimal coast of $149, for your family safety a must.  And if you buy in the next 20 minutes, I will include 2 years of filter in the price.

You are now able to hook up your water hose on one side, the device hangs from the lifeline or other place and you get beautiful and tasty water on the other side.  Grab a beer, relax the water is flowing for only $149.

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