Thursday, March 10, 2011

Running behind...

I'm running behind this week - sorry


  1. You should see if Dmitri Orlov will let you borrow his relatively off-topic post on makeshift tillerpilot repairs.

  2. It is a good post, but it is pretty long to copy. I think I would just post a link after a brief intro - but you've already done that! :)

    he only thing I'd change is to make it a live link:
    The only thing I'd change is to make it a live link:

  3. No worries :)
    I'm running behind too - only it's not just this week. Our land based lives take up most of our time these days (birthdays, work, getting ready to empty the appartment...stuff..) - but we did get around to do a little work on the boat this week though. I.e. my spouse made a "bitter end" for the anchor chain - I forgot to take pics during the process, but it suits the "small projects" category nicely I think ;-) Will let you know, if it turns into a blog post.

  4. IMHO - if you are doing something for free for the community, we get to complain as much as we pay ;)

  5. Lotte -
    Thanks, that *would* make a great small boat project post! Looking forward to it...

    Livia -


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