Monday, February 28, 2011

Here, hold this

I'm certain that you've said to someone, "Here, hold this." Well, what if there is no one there?  Mike of s/v Chalice has a very good answer to this problem.

The new tool in the shop. Small but very useful. I wished I bought this before. I got it on ebay ( of course), But actually came directly from the importer.

What is it already!!!

The Swiss made Zyliss vice. The z-vise2 actually.

Check it out for yourself.

In the US.

Ebay will save you some money though. See this SEARCH.

Here I'm using it on the drill press.
From update-2-11-2011

Actually found a pic of one on a boat. Which is what I really bought it for. I wanted a tool I could use in the backwoods of someplace in the world. Mostly non-rusting magnesium or aluminum.

See Mike's original post for more information.

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