Friday, March 1, 2013

Wine rack

What are the essential boating fluids? Well certainly wine is one of them. Over on s/v Windtraveler Scott and Brittany put some under-utilized space to a more noble use:
Project completion on a boat is all about prioritizing, right?  Well, we enjoy our vino.  As such, one fun project Scott did in-betwixt bigger projects while we were still in Ft. Lauderdale was to make a wine rack for our galley.  We have a wine "locker" to stow bottles in bulk, but I thought it might be nice to have a place to store open bottles where they'd be easily accessed and safe while underway.  I told Scott my idea and showed him where I thought it could be installed, and he immediately got to work designing the rack with some scrap wood, a couple of dowel rods and two brackets.  The next day, we had a custom-made wine rack that holds five bottles ready for action.  Man do I love being married to a handy man!
Scott's hole saws came in handy yet again!
Taking the measurements so it fits just-so.
Isla likes to help mommy and daddy on projects.
Dry fit and more measurements
The finished product! 
A couple of brackets, some press-fit dowel rods,
and some scrap wood and VOILA! Wine rack!

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