Monday, November 14, 2011


Lotte on s/v Lunde hoists her new storm sails...  her neon orange storm sails, that is.  Why aren't all storm sails colored like this?  If your boat is in difficulty requiring a rescue, it is likely that you will be flying your storm sails (if anything) - what a great attention-grabber!

Pang-colored accessories

I actually really like the orange - but these rags, I hope not, we will need to flash too often.

One of the day's chores was to get hoisted storm sails to get measured the length of the neck, find shot points and otherwise just get an idea of ​​how they should sit. For it should happen that one day they must be, there is a guarantee that the weather is bad snot. So we could put them both wearing seasickness, numb fingers and poor vision.
(I really like the new paint on the bow, Lotte!)

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  1. That sure is a funny translation :-)
    The name of our boat,"Lunde", is the Danish word for Puffin (the sea parrot living in the North Atlantic) - a little black bird with a very colourful beak. Så painting our bow like the puffin's beak has long been on our wish list. Now it's done, and we're very pleased.


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