Friday, November 25, 2011

Easy cockpit grate

Brian over at Dock 6 demonstrates that a cockpit grate is within reach of all of us:

I needed duckboards, or a cockpit grate if you will, to replace the nasty looking deteriorated weird rubber mat that graced whiskeyjack's cockpit when I got her (see pics in first post of this thread). I priced having a teak grate custom built, my daughter burst into tears when I told her she was not going to be going to college, so then I decided to find an alternative. I bought two 8' cedar 2x6s and ripped them into 1 3/4 x 1/2" strips, measured and patterned my cockpit floor, started cutting and epoxying and gluing and screwing and varnishing and $32 later, this:

is now this:
Note that cedar is a good substitute for now-nearly-unavailable teak. It is a little lighter in weight and a little softer, and nearly as rot-resistant.

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