Friday, November 11, 2011

A Simple Preventer

Drew over at Sail Delmarva provides us with a minor rigging modification that will majorly add to sailing safety and pleasure...

Though sailing wing-and-wing is not supposed to be a catamaran thing, on a cruising catamaran the VMG dead downwind in a breeze is better and the ride smoother. Accept it. The moment the chute comes down, whether because you are single handing or because the breeze is too much, wing and wing is faster. Simply secure the boom as described, head down wind, and jibe the genoa over.

But accidental jibes are always a problem. Locking the traveler at the end does help, but not completely, not if the main sheet is eased a bit as it should be. Monohull sailors take a line forward to a mid ships cleat. But cat sailors have more beam and can do something simpler.

Simply attach the spinnaker sheet to the boom bail. Because I would never run a preventer when using the spinnaker--we never do that dead down wind-- this required no new equipment. It can be rigged in moments and released instantly.

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