Monday, October 25, 2010

In praise of DIY

I have long been an adherent of the DIY philosophy - you might have guessed that, given the purpose of this blog.  Most boaters are DIY'ers by nature - thus the popularity of this site!   Aside from the obvious cost savings, when you successfully complete a project yourself, there is a wonderful feeling of satisfaction, of competence.

And in the boating world, DIY makes even more sense.  There are those who proclaim that "the only tool I need is a Visa card."  That certainly works, if your boat never leaves the dock.  But when you are at sea, that credit card is not very useful - except, perhaps, if you are in need of a thin plastic shim.

Over at Boat Bits, Robert has posted an essay on this subject that I encourage you to read.


  1. Excellent article.
    To me the DIY thing is more than just saving money (though that is high on the agenda) it is also about being independent, in control and not being stuck because of some trivial fault.

  2. Thanks Mike -

    I couldn't agree more - I went into this in more detail over at Windborne this morning.



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