Friday, October 15, 2010

Bubble wrap

The under sides of Eolian's floorboards were apparently originally covered with some of that multi-layer sound-deadening material.  You know, the stuff with an aluminum backing layer, some foam, a thin lead sheet, and finally more foam.  This is pretty good stuff for absorbing sound, and putting it on the undersides of the floorboards would stop a lot of the engine noise from entering the cabin.

But.  Over time, foam disintegrates.  By the time we got her, Eolian's floorboards had only the aluminum backing material left almost everywhere.  And it was dull and kind of corroded.

So I covered the aluminum with aluminized bubble wrap (please ignore the plastic drop cloth behind the raised floorboard - that was a different project).  Because the metal is encapsulated in the plastic, it won't corrode.  Tho the bubble wrap does nothing for sound deadening, it sure looks a lot better!

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