Friday, August 27, 2010

How to: Seal deck penetrations

There is a treasure house of fantastically well-done articles on how to properly accomplish various boat-related tasks at Compass Marine. The one Erick referenced* shows how to properly seal deck penetrations with epoxy, and addresses many of the details left out of common explanations.  For example: using a bent nail chucked in a drill to route out the core really doesn't work all that well, unless:
  • You have a cored deck
  • Your hole happens to be located between the webs formed by resin filling the scores in the core material
  • Your hole is not located where plywood reinforcement was used - where most load-bearing fastenings will be made
In fact, using a bent nail sounds like one of those processes worked out in a hurry in a boat yard by someone who lacked the proper tool for the job.  Not something you'd want to set out to do on purpose.  Read the article - you'll see what I mean.

More over, there are several rainy afternoon's-worth of excellent reading there on the right/best/easiest way to do things.  (When pulling a cutlass bearing, does it really matter where you make the saw kerf?  Yes!)

Check it out - you won't be disappointed.

* Thanks to  Erik at Erick's Wanderlust Blog for finding this great site, and to Scott at Downeaster Yachts for pointing it out to me.


  1. Definitely glad you posted this. I love his how-to articles and plan on following his processes in many areas.

    I purchased the Dremel bit he used to dig out the core, and tested that process against the bent nail technique. I like the Dremel a lot more, I felt much more in control.

  2. Erick: I wonder... I'll bet that dremel bits would chuck up in a RotoZip...


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