Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aft cabin berth "V"?

The berth in the after cabin on Eolian was kind of in a strange state when we moved aboard.  It was set up like a forward V-berth would be, with 2 sleeping areas along the cabin sides and a cut-out in the center.  That center cutout had been originally set up as a bench or step for getting up onto the berth.  But with the compass for the radar mounted (not centered, of course) where the cushion was supposed to go, that function had been abandoned.

But the mattress had no cutout.  To prevent severe sag in the center, a piece of plywood had been placed over the cut-out.  With a couple of screws to hold it in place.  Sort of.

It was obviously a hack, and it was noisy - it creaked and groaned whenever you moved on the mattress.  A better arrangement was needed.

Bordering on the upper size limit* for what I like to cover as a "small" boat project, we rectified this.

I cut and painted a piece of (heavier) plywood, and then fashioned a teak fiddle for the exposed forward edge.

Then I made up some teak cleats and attached them to the sides of the opening with screws, in order to support the plywood.  Finally, I screwed the plywood to the cleats, making a solid foundation for the mattress.

Now the mattress looks like it belongs there.  And we can sleep in peaceful quiet.  (The space below is now Jane's shoe storage.)

*For larger projects, see Windborne In Puget Sound

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