Monday, August 23, 2010

Fake wood grain, or real?

Eolian was originally sold with wood-grain Formica on the nav station tabletop. When we took possession of her, one corner was coming loose. So I was faced with a decision.

Looking at the bottom of the tabletop, it appeared that the entire tabletop was made of teak. Why then would the manufacturer choose to cover the teak with Formica? One wonders.

Prying up that loose corner, it indeed looked like teak under there. So I decided to go for broke. I broke out the heat gun and used it to heat up the Formica enough to loosen the contact cement holding it down.

I was successful in getting it off in a single piece without doing damage to the underlying teak, except for one small area where a small piece about 1/4" x 1" tore out. After dutching a piece of teak into the tear, I sanded and varnished it. Sure looks a lot nicer, I think.


  1. I love the look of it without the formica. I've been busy chipping away all of my formica from various surfaces. Pretty sure I'll leave the nav and dining tables varnished teak.

  2. I've kept Formica on the galley and head counter surfaces. It really is a good material for that service... but I changed it from the wood grain to a speckled gray. Looks sort of like granite.

    BTW, boat next to us had granite counter tops made... aside from the weight issue, they cracked within a year because of boat motion... maybe Corian would be better?

  3. Corian is great, I've redon almost all horizontals with it


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