Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Small details: thinking outside the box

Creative tool use always calls to me. Normally, when using a hole-saw, the hole is the desired end product. But in this project, Lotte of the Roberts 36 s/v Lunde, thinks outside the box, and sees the cutout as the work product, and the resulting hole as the waste.
One of our projects have included creating a "wet room" in the boat -ie. a place where we can hang wet foul weather gear without having itmaking anything else wet. For this to dry quickly hangers are betterthan hooks where the clothes get more folded. We’ve made somemodifications to the interior design, shielding the nav station fromthe “wet room” but when it was time to mount the desired hanger rod itproved to be difficult to find some suitable hardware for this purpose(which could pass quality control for both aesthetics, sturdiness andcorrect dimensions) - but what does a handy woman do then? She recyclesa piece of teak, who once served as a step in the old staircase (frombefore the installation of the new engine) - and by using two sizes ofcup drills, a drilling machine, a saw, some sandpaper, and six layersof varnish, the problem has been solved in true DIY style.

Two rings were made by drilling with the bigger cup first and thesmaller second. One ring was opened with two cuts so it becameU-shaped. Then sanding, making holes for screws and varnishing.

The rodis also recycled, bought at IKEA many years ago and now sawn in theright length to fit the space between the two walls. And yes, ofcourse, it’s stainless steel :-)
Thanks to Lotte for becoming our third international contributor (and for the English translation!)

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