Monday, July 5, 2010

Rainy day canvas project

Two canvas projects in a row. This one is from s/v C'est la Vie, and is indeed a good use of a rainy day.

The rain delay did afford me the time to complete another sewing project. We continue to rely on hank on foresails and two years ago we ordered a sail bag that would allow us to store the current foresail hanked on.

The bag we ordered, pictured above, is too small. We can stuff the sail in, but when we hoist the aft end off the deck with the halyard (necessary to operate our manual windlass) the zipper will blow out along the forward edge. I replaced the zipper the dot twist fasteners and they too blew out.

So I copied the design and added some volume to the bag.
I used the old bag as a pattern with 8" added to the depth of the bag. Hopefully this will provide the additional volume necessary to avoid future blowouts.
The image above displays the finished product. Adding the 8" made a significant difference in size. Possibly too much? Time will tell. I installed a #10 a zipper along the top edge and dot twist fasteners along the forward edge. I believe the forward edge is under more stress and the twist fasteners are better able to handle the forces.

As for our departure... The day started off with hazy clouds, but the sun has now broken through and I'm off to work with Anne on closing up the basecamp so that we can cast off tomorrow.

Now I wonder what use Jeff will make of the smaller sail bag?

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