Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Roadmaps For Troubleshooting

Our boat, Eolian, came with a full set of factory prints covering wiring, plumbing, and rigging.  And tho there had been changes (mostly to wiring) since she was new, the prints helped enormously in figuring out the actual in-place wiring and correcting several mistakes.

But what if you don't have those prints?  Well if you've done any work on the boat, chances are that you have mapped out some portions of of the systems onboard.  But the best way would be to make a project out of the discovery, and record the results to be used by your future self as roadmaps.

Please welcome new contributor Will, onboard s/v Chaika, a Westsail 32, who has done just that!  And also please note that he has additionally documented the locations of all the thru hulls, perhaps the most important part of the exercise.  Do you know where all yours are?

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