Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Better Toy Storage

Aboard s/v Astraea Nate and Natalie found a great way to stow their son's toys.  Not only is this a good solution for parents sailing with kids, but this would be sure to find other uses aboard as well.  Read on...
We changed the way we store Sully’s toys board. They were held in boxes that would slide when the boat heeled and got in the way. Now we have two elastic nets full of toys. They’re called EZNets and are 15″ x 28″ and we bought them on amazon.com.

Sully likes his easy to access toys

Close up view of how the nets attach

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  1. I can't believe I've never thought of that method for boat storage! That is so smart and simple. I have a hard time finding a place for all the boat toys though. We have so many of them and if you don't let them air out, they grow mold and stuff. Boats are fun, but they are quite a bit of work.

    Gerald Vonberger | http://www.astorageplacefla.com/parking.html


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