Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What to do with a retired sail? Part II

Jeff on s/v C'est la Vie continues with Part II of his project based on an old sail (you may want to read Part I first):

After viewing a couple free how to videos on zippers from Sailrite, I installed a 60" zipper into the side panel of the future paddle board bag.

Next my attention turned to handles / lash points on the top and bottom of the bag.  Concerned that the forces on the handles could cause the sailcloth to rip, I installed re-enforcement patches along the inside of the bag at the handle attachment points.

Using a zigzag stitch to avoid weakening the sailcloth, seven patches were sewn at 12" intervals along the mid-line of the bag.  
I then flipped the bag and utilizing the patches attached a continuous piece of one inch webbing to the outside of the bag.  
My next challenge is to create a slit in the bottom of the bag to allow the skeg to remain in place while the board is stowed in the bag.
Jeff refers to the videos available at Sailrite - I can't recommend them highly enough - they are excellent.

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