Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hanging in there

George on m/v Grace (across the dock from us here on Eolian) has solved the problem of what to do with your kayak when at the dock.  His solution keeps the barnacles off the bottom and yet makes the kayak easily accessible for quick use.

George built a kayak sling - using two wood slats and a sheet of some kind of plastic.  The kayak hangs suspended out of the water, yet securely cradled.

Here's a detail of the attachment of the plastic sheet to the wood slats.  You can see that George cut a saw kerf in the slat and slipped the end of the sheet into it.  What you can't see in this picture is that there are a series of screws driven crosswise thru the slat and the sheet, pinching the sides of the slat on the sheet.

Its a simple solution that does the job well.


  1. Looks good, but he should hang the kayak upside down. Now it will fill when it rains...


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