Friday, July 6, 2012

On sprouting….

Up north on s/v Letitgo, they now have fresh greens...
 Our friends Dawn and Tom had heard of our previous adventure with sprouting and must have taken pity. So during our last meeting they gave us the Tube a 70″s looking contraption that make the art of sprouting easy.

On the first day after 12 hours soaking.
As we are all mostly vegetarians some by choice some by association. The need for fresh crunchy leaf is our reality. So after canning, bread making and yoghurt the long lost tradition of sprouting had to be revived. Sunflower was what we had in stock in the cupboard and we gave it a trial.

6 days later we have these amazing greens, phew… we are now “safe”. We will have our greens onboard! Coincidentally today is our son’s 15th birthday today! To symbolize your “birth” day *B* we celebrate the birth of our sprouts! What a gift….
Happy Birthday *B*!
Dawn and Tom thank you so much for leading the way and sharing your knowledge. You will travel with us forever.
Sadly, when I did some research, I found this:
Before we tell you how much we like The Tube, we need you to know that The Tube is no longer available. We keep its page on our site for those lucky enough to have one. We are sorry. The manufacturer shut down around 2005. We even asked if they would sell us the sprouting portion of their business. They never responded. It wasn't the best Sprouter - Easy Sprout has always been better, but we are sad that it is gone...

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