Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Knee-deep in *what*?

It's not a pleasant task - Jane is reluctant to do it. It's not that you have to actually come into contact with the stuff... but still.  On Eolian, our holding tank is polypropylene - it is translucent.  We can check the level by shining a flashlight thru a corner of the tank, revealing, well let's not talk about it. s/v Letitgo has addressed this issue head on (oops...) with a nice solution that I am going to propose to Jane for Eolian:
Do you sometimes feel overworked?  This is how it feels in our household lately, especially when this Sunday we decided to get going and give it a good push on two projects.

Did you say messy boat! It got to the point that when we had one of our neighbour come and say hello we couldn’t sit anywhere.
On my side, I tackled the holding tank monitor: One tank was clean and empty, the other one was not.  I made my usual assumption that two hours should be sufficient!  But as usual that was wrong!  For it took closer to four hours before I was entirely done…

The first hurdle is that you need to find 12volt nearby, then a spot to put the screen itself and then easy part - the install.

To top it all up, in the middle of all this we made a run for the pump out and cleaned the second holding tank.  We can now say we are all pretty and shinny inside and out.  Yet, another system we have learned to know well.

Once calibrated and tested we reassembled the starboard side and are happy to report no leak, even the vent line is working as planned. I have included these two pictures for future reference, and to show how beautiful 2 clean holding tanks look like. We have to have something to show for all that hard work.

Now we just need to receive the red magic plug and we will be firing on all “cylinders”.
There are several types of these units out there on the market (don't neglect to check out the RV versions, if you're doing the research).  This one is the Practical Sailor pick, according to s/v Letitgo.

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