Monday, August 22, 2011

Get the point?

Jeff on s/v C'est la Vie is working on refinishing his interior.  What caught my eye in this project was that he is using painter's points.  What are these?  They are little plastic pyramids with a sharp tip, designed to hold a chair, say, up so that its legs can be finished all the way to the bottom.  I really don't know why I don't have some of these - they are now on the list for our next run to the home improvement store.
A frontal passage over the weekend finally ushered in some dry and dare I call 83 degrees - cooler weather.  Thus creating much improved conditions for applying Bristol Finish to some of the interior trim that we have removed in our efforts to paint lockers and replace head plumbing.   Fortunately we already have the 12X12 screen tent up the the backyard.  This provides a shady and gnat free area for finishing the wood.

We are so impressed with the ease of application, the quality results, and the endurance in the tropical sun of the Bristol Finish that we have decided to use it on interior applications.  In the past we have used a Minwax Helmsman polyurethane for the interior wood.  After four years much of the interior wood we refinished is in need of a fresh coat.  Why not bring the Bristol Finish inside if for no other reason than we only need to carry one type of wood finish for future touch ups.

I have also recently discovered the plastic pyramid paint stands.  After catching another cruiser using them in the boat yard, I found them at Lowe's.   These widgets are amazing!

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