Friday, May 20, 2011

You know you worry about it...

Paul on s/v Solace has a nifty way to monitor the temperature in his refrigerator and freezer.

We have recently changed our method (compressors and evaporator plates)  to our fridge and freezer. We wanted a reliable method to monitor the temperatures with out extra wiring. We have tried the manual thermometer, but found them less than satisfactory due to having to open up the boxes to read the temperature. We came across these wireless "indoor, outdoor temperature monitors" on ebay for a reasonable cost. This model has one LED monitor, with two sender units. It is able to monitor two temperatures at a time. We put one sensor in each box, and the LED monitor in the galley in a convenient place. They have been going two years with only one battery change. They measure about 2.75 inches square each.


  1. Any chance you've got a link for the goods? That's a darn good idea!

  2. Sorry driftwood -

    Paul is offshore and says he has no further info on his unit. He suggested an eBay search, which I tried. I got lots of hits using 'wireless indoor outdoor thermometer', and even a few that have multi-zone capability (tho all of those came with only a single remote sensor)



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