Monday, May 23, 2011

Dock steps from one sheet of plywood

Craft a Craft recently featured a step design which originated on the Make Magazine site (a good spot to haunt for ideas).   Although Craft a Craft was seeing this as part of a boat, I think it could be an interesting set of dock steps...
Visit - Single sheet steps

We've seen a variety of single sheet boats, where people see what kind of boat they can build from a single sheet of plywood or the like, but this is slightly different.  The plans are for a set of steps built from a single sheet of ply.

I don't know that in boat-building you are really desperate to save wood in building a set of steps, but the overall design, with the single "foot" treads looks like something that might be neat or useful on a boat.  It even has some good "included" storage areas.

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