Monday, December 20, 2010

Recapturing space

I can't take full credit for this one.  The Previous Owner liberated the space under the footwell at the Nav Station by cutting an opening into it with a saber saw.

It's a good space - it is deep - deep enough to store rolled up charts (and various tubes of caulk, it turns out).  But the Previous Owner did not complete the work.  He left the opening as a roughly rectangular raw cutout in the fiberglass.  Aside from the appearance issues, the raw edges were tough on your hands or arms if they contacted them, and there was nothing to keep the contents in the space!

So I cleaned up the edges of the hole and enlarged it a little, and then fitted a pre-fabricated teak door and frame into the opening.  After varnishing, it looks to be an integral part of the boat.  I installed the door with the hinges at the bottom - that way, the door does not interfere with access to the space when it is open.

(By the way, you're looking at the only section of flooring on the boat which has not yet been refinished)

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