Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lethal spices?

Livia onboard s/v Estrellita 5.10b is trying to keep her spices from killing her:
Just to show you the kind of inane details I'm working on right now, I thought I would share this:

We wanted to keep our spices above the stove where we could see them and thus, use them. In the event of a major shake down of the boat (like tilting over so much that our mast smacks the water), we thought it was a bad idea to have glass missiles bottles flying everywhere. We considered a retaining line or cloth and, although those would work, ultimately decided to change over to plastic shaker bottles.

Something you can find easily at a container, dollar or kitchen store, right? Of course not. At least not in Victoria.

After wasting too much time visiting stores refusing to admit that I couldn't find them locally, I ended up ordering a bunch online. Then we busted out the label maker and voila, non-deadly spices. Just in time to house the collection of yummy spices we bought in Bahrain. Sometime, over beers, I should tell you the story of what it is like to carry a very large bag of fragrant powder in your carry-on bag from Bahrain, through Kuwait, into Washington DC and Seattle and then across the border into Canada.

I have some velcro that I was going to put on the bottom of the jars to keep them from sliding around but I haven't figured that out yet. Another thing you think would be simple, right?

Sadly, I have found that the Velcro is always stronger than the adhesive, so that eventually the velcro tabs pull off. We need stronger adhesive or weaker Velcro, I think.


  1. Consider magnets. I've seen magnetic spice racks work quite well on boats. Also fun because they can be mounted to the ceiling above your galley stove. A metal plate acts as the rack, then small magnets attached to each spice jar. Fun and utilitarian.


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