Monday, November 29, 2010

Trapping the cold

Warm air rises, right?  And, well, cold air sinks.

Does your refrigerator or icebox have a drain?  If so, what is keeping the drain from draining away the cold air?

You need a trap.  And as a shipwright I know frequently reminds me, drainage holes on a boat should always be sized "to pass a soggy Cheeto." Here is my answer, made up of plumbing fittings and plastic hose.

Bigger than a soggy Cheeto


  1. I'm sort of confused. How would water drain away if it has to pass through that loop?

  2. Hi Erick -

    I guess I wasn't too clear, was I? The loop goes in the refer drain line, below the floor of the refer. It fills up with water until the water can overflow - kind of like the P-trap in a household sink. Cold air can't escape because the loop is full of water.


  3. Ah ok I understand now. Thanks for the tip!


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