Saturday, November 20, 2010

Leave something behind

Business folks do it, because it works.  When they meet someone, one of the first things they do is exchange business cards.  Because th card helps jog the memory, and because it contains all the important contact info.

Why not boaters too?  Many do, including us.  Avery makes some very nice pre-perfed business card stock that will go thru your printer, and with the right template in you word processor, you can print 10 at a time.

When I first started doing this years ago, I made all 10 on the sheet the same, like business cards.  But then I thought, "Why?"  Now, I make them all different - its more fun that way.

It's a great little inside project for a crummy weather day.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, s/v Eolian. To build on it, we wanted to add that you can order free cards in a number of designs, plus about $6 in shipping from In hopes that it may help others, we wrote about the ones we ordered here:

    Fair winds,
    Christie & Matt of s/v Kaleo


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