Friday, September 10, 2010

Let there be (green, red) light!

When we took possession of Eolian, these old navigation lites mounted on the hull sides did not work.  I spent some time working with them, but finally decided that even if I was able to resurrect them, they would never pass muster with today's ColRegs.

So I installed a modern light (well, modern for that era - now everything is LED powered) from Aqua Signal on the bow pulpit.

I drilled a small hole into the underside of the pulpit tubing and ran the wire (leaving a drip loop) thru the tubing down to the stanchion base, where another small hole allowed it to exit.  Then thru a waterproof gland to the chain locker, where I spliced it into the old wiring run.
(In the picture, I had yet to install the small clips that hold the wire to the inside of the bulwark, because we were in the midst of doing the brightwork.)

I suppose now I'll have to do a nav lite upgrade upgrade - to an LED unit.

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