Monday, September 13, 2010

Better burgers and brats

Look what my lovely wife gave me for my birthday! A new Dickenson SeaBQ!

This replaces our old Magma grill... actually, our second Magma grill - we used up the one that came with the boat. The "new" Magma was shot (again) and was going to need a transfusion of expensive parts.

To make the SeaBQ even easier to use, I plumbed it directly into the low pressure side of our propane system. We already have those two 20 lb propane tanks - why would we want to fool around with the small disposable cylinders?


  1. Great little BBQ. We abused one of those for ten years on our boat and held up very well. Be careful not to run it too hot, or the burner can deform a bit. The low regulator setting was hot enough for just about everything we cooked.

  2. robert: Thanks for the tip! I haven't even heated it up yet...

  3. what are them dimensions - it looks pretty hefty!

  4. saildave: not including the propane hookup, it is 24" x 12" x 12".

    I cooked on it in 20 kt of wind... it didn't blow out!



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