Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Exposed Wiring

Over at Sail Delmarva< Drew cleverly fabricates a cover for some exposed wiring...

This exposed solenoid always bothered me. Non-AYBC compliant, non-USCG compliant, and a short looking to happen, the backside of this anchor windlass breaker has high-amperage exposed terminals.

I fabricated this simple cover from 0.09-inch FRP (the same materials I used for the window covers. Cut by score-and -snap, trim with disk sander, fillet corners with Epoxy + colloidal silica, finish with orbital sander and paint. In stead of screws (holes would show), attach with 3M Dual Lock.

The finished product looks factory. I think I will be using a lot of Dual Lock during the AC installation.


  1. Could you mention your source for the .09" FRP stock? My usual source for FRP board (McMaster) only seems to have it in the red, electrical grade, and I'd rather get something else. (I did look for a window cover tag but didn't see one.) Score and snap sounds good. Thanks!

  2. Home Depot shower surround material. This is much weaker than the McMaster Carr stuff (I use that too), but is cheap, easy to work with, and very mildew resistant. I have also used it for window covers and AC ducts.


  3. I used it to line my refrigerator


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