Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Honey, They Shrunk the Captain!

Making a boat yours is important, if for no other reason than emotion. But making it fit is critical. Drew shares an example with us...
Touring the Annapolis Spring Boat Show and researching for an up-coming article on access for decrepit (bad knees, like me and my wife, and an increasing number of friends getting hip and knee replacements) sailors, we came across some good things and some unbelievable things. Honestly, how many folks get $500,000 together for their dream boat before their knees start to hurt? Not so many that the designers should ignore the reality. Or like me, the knees are fine when you buy the boat, and then a lifetime of vigorous activity starts to catch up with you.

And some things are just funny. This really belongs in Disney Land in the "Honey, Who Shrunk the Kids?" theme area. The seat is 8 inches too high and 8 inches too far back; as it is, the driver has no leverage on the wheel. At the very least, it needs a foot rest or fold-down runt board. And we saw this same problem on every single helm seat. Comically unsuitable for a long turn at the wheel.

Kinna reminds me of this, early in our ownership with a temporary runt box in place. It worked, giving her something to brace against.

On Shoal Survivor we eventually added a proper runt step, and it is still a little tall for my daughter (20 years old, but somewhat vertically challenged). Our feet now touch the floor, we have leverage, and an added storage spot to boot. And the wood was salvaged from the sole replacement on a Prout.


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  1. The amusing thing is that after I posted the picture of my daughter steering with the runt box in place, most of the PDQ 32s sprouted runt boxes! It turns out that few of the crews were 6'10". Big surprise.


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