Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Chap Chap Dinghy Chap

Dinghies in the tropics are subjected to the full force of the sun's destructive UV in a way that those of us up north can barely comprehend.  Even the most expensive Hypalon is corrupted by the sun.  What to do?

Valerie & Laurent, aboard s/v Letitgo (currently enroute from Ecuador to the Marquesas), addressed the issue by making "chaps" of sunbrella that cover the dinghy's tubes... not an easy task, but well worthwhile!

The last four days have kept us pretty busy; a dinghy chap is not an easy sewing project and was on our list for a while. Indeed, the shape is complex with all the curves add to that the handles it definitely needs a minimum of precision to achieve something that looks half descent. The pattern had been done while we were in Panama, along with the purchase of the fabric, so we were ready. In the end, we are still talking to each other, I (Valerie) have gained even more confidence in my sewing machine and learnt a few tricks of the trade and that’s all thanks to Mum who gave me many memories to cherish and new knowledge. As for the guys they kept clear at all times from the working area and provided us with delicious and nutritious lunches every day! Thank you for that too.

We won’t be the ugliest dinghy on the dock or surfing the wave anymore!

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