Thursday, October 23, 2014

Making Space

When you live aboard, storage is a premium.  Aboard s/v Painkiller, Ken & Vicky discovered some hidden space that they converted to storage:
Ever since moving aboard PAINKILLER we've been seeking out additional storage that can be utilized without too much difficulty. Not that we're collecting more and more stuff to fill up these places but to actually have more room to stockpile needed supplies while travelling.

We're actually planning one more trip to the storage unit with a huge hunk of stuff not really needed, too many fenders, an extra holding tank, jugs and quite a large pile of left over stuff from the previous owner that we thought, maybe we'll want it later. Nah! we'll be fine without it.

Having a shower in itself is a huge storage area of things that can be easily removed for shower use, but this space that was buried behind the outboard wall is too good to waste. It really is huge as it follows the hull all the way down.

A jig saw easily cut through the fiberglass after drawing from the template then a simple gasketed deck hatch gave us another huge dry storage area. A simple job yielding many cubic feet of storage.

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