Thursday, January 16, 2014

Marking Furler Line

Drew over at Sail Delmarva has a tip for those of us with roller furling sails:
I had always marked one spot on the furler line; the 100% setting, which I used when reefed. However, adding the inside genoa track prompted me to refine the system.

  • Wide band: 110%, just short of touching the shrouds and spreaders. While it is possible to run a full genoa between the shroud and the spreaders, it risks sail damage and is more trouble than it is worth.
  • Medium band: 90% Just short of lapping. A nice setting if single or double reefed, going to weather.
  • Narrow band: 70%. Small, only 25 % of full area. Good for double reefed and blowing like stink.
To insure the whippings are tight and can pass the jammer smoothly, they should be smaller than the line. This is easily accomplish by holding the line stretched between 2 winches while whipping.

Yes, you can always adjust as you go, but rolling sail in a breeze isn't good for you or the sail. Advancing the furler line to the correct setting before unfurling is MUCH easier.

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