Thursday, December 26, 2013

Not for profit

I run the Small Boat Projects blog as a service to all of you out there.  I get nothing from it, financially or otherwise, other than a feeling of having helped the boating community.

But apparently what we do here has value, real financial value. 

I recently received an email from a promoter in Florida that said in part,
"I've learned real quick that putting together articles is detracting from getting the site where I want it to be prior to launch and am reaching out to boating sites for reprint and link back permission."  
I interpret this statement as, "Creating actual content is getting in the way of my making money.  Please do it for me."

I want you, the voluntary contributors to Small Boat Projects, to know that I formally and explicitly denied this request.  First, because I disagree with it, and second, because it is not my work that is published here, and therefore it is not my permission to give.

s/v Eolian


  1. Yep. This Florida promoter is a junior version of the Wolf of Wall Street.

  2. Thanks for your commitment to service, Bob. As you, I have no intention of monetizing my blog, nor do I need anyone to earn money for me with the content I develop.

  3. Yup, I've gotten e-mail like that. There is for profit, there is not for profit, and there is a difference. We need both, but they are separate.


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